Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing

We know how stressful it feels when you are uncertain of your health status. The COVID-19 pandemic has relentlessly required us to stay indoors and restricted our day-to-day lives. COVID-19 and flu share almost the same symptoms. BHRM offers both COVID-19 and flu testing to assure you of your safety.

We provide clients with multiple options for testing: Diagnostic testing to rule out an active infection and antibody testing to test for past exposure and immunity. Here's a rundown of COVID-19 tests we offer:

Rapid Antigen Test

This test lets you know if you currently have the virus regardless of having any symptoms. A swab is taken either through the nasal or nasopharyngeal route and then analyzed with results returned as quick as 20 minutes.

PCR Test

A highly sensitive and specific diagnostic test that will tell you if you have the virus or not with or without the symptoms. The swabbing route is through nasal route and the specimen is then analyzed for results within 24-48 hours. We also offer same day expedited PCR tests for those who require an immediate result for travel, medical or other time-sensitive reasons.

Antibody Test

A positive antibody test means likely previous exposure to the virus or immunity as a result of a vaccine. A drop of blood is taken via a quick finger prick. Your blood sample is then analyzed to check if you have developed antibodies. Results are provided within 15 minutes.

For any of these tests you may schedule an appointment online, walk-in, drive-through, or arrange house calls or corporate testing.

Whatever your schedule, and whenever you need it, we are here for you.