Here at BHRM, your health, wellness and comfort is our top priority. Our personalized services housed in Santa Monica, California, welcomes you with industry-leading doctors, nurses, and staff.

We believe in our four pillars of health – restore, regenerate, rejuvenate and refresh.

RESTORE. We restore your peace of mind with not just competency, but also with convenience. The COVID-19 pandemic had greatly devastated our defenses and safety. We offer both diagnostic testing – to rule out an active infection, and antibody testing – to test for past exposure and immunity. Clients have multiple options for testing such as walk up and drive-through testing, corporate events and house calls. Studio on-location, corporate on-site events and house calls can be easily arranged with our dedicated staff.

REGENERATE. Due to increased rates of hair loss reported by COVID-19 patients, our proprietary platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration therapy is gaining in populaity. PRP is an effective lower-cost / less painful alternative to a traditional hair transplant and backed by many scientifically-based studies showing its efficacy in increasing hair count, thickness, and prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle. 

REJUVENATE. Proactivity is key to preventing disease. Our IV Multivitamin Infusions ensure that higher concentrations of essential vitamins enter your bloodstream and are immediately delivered directly to your body’s cells, allowing your body to better absorb these nutrients.  With a focus on total wellness, our essential multivitamin infusion is your defense against the common cold + flu, COVID-19, food poisoning and general illness, in addition to restoring your body’s essential hydration.

REFRESH. Health is not just physical. Our goal is to make you feel amazing. The team at BHRM continuously evaluate ongoing and new therapies to ensure we stay up to the date with the most cutting-edge science. We never stop learning and are always improving our tools to provide optimal healthcare to each patient on every visit.

At BHRM, patients always come first. Our doctors and our team are passionate and focused on making patients’ lives better.

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